What I wish I knew before working remotely around the world.

What I wish I knew before working remotely around the world.

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admin Dec 31, 2016

By the last passed 14 months, I’ve been home resting and the other 12 I spent exploring the beautiful planet, working on my laptop in enchanting Tokyo,, Paris, Hong Kong and Barcelona, For you it may sound amazing, and I am sure I was privileged to do so, but I learned quickly that while recouping, unfortunately, it also brought serious mental and physical health challenges.

For context, here’s a little background: I’m a freelancer and fortunate enough to do all of my work online. Before this, I’ve only ever known Big Corporate Life, and I never thought a life without roots could be possible or sustainable. A little over a year ago, I took the leap and realized I could do what I did pretty much anywhere in the world (as long as there was the internet.) So I asked myself, why not in Tokyo? And then I was off.

Indeed, it wasn’t that simple: there were more hidden steps behind the scenes. My intuitive proved right: I had free traveling time for steady income, but I had no family obligations, globe, or any house outstanding debt, or anything that would keep me from taking off at any time. I could pack up my clothes and just go, but like any wise man that travel the globe,  life has ups and downs.The first thing to let you know is that you will become a Panda , yes Panda sleep everywhere so your sleep will get elusive .

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Everyone knows the importance of getting enough quality sleep. The real problem is time zones keep changing and so your sleep quality and your schedule will not go as planned.For instance, When I went to Paris, that was somehow a 9-hour time difference the sleep hit me so hard that I only slept once every two days for a week and a half.
That’s just one sample of many, and it’s surprisingly easy to pretend these little “obstacles” with so much wanderlust-adrenaline. In the end, I let this round of frigging, concerned sleep go on for far too long, and my body paid for it: I put on some weight, I got sick with flu three times in a few months and my immune system got weaker.

It doesn’t help that I fall asleep very quickly when I'm exhausted.Constantly I wake to use the bathroom and little things keep me imagine. The clear conclusion is, having to sleep in alien places to me, in different areas and uncomfortable litter, and in different climates especially tropical, made sleep even harder to get. If everything else was going to change, I realized I needed several constants to substantial deceit myself to be able to sleep continuously well, anywhere.