Top Viral Challenges on YouTube

Top Viral Challenges on YouTube

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admin Feb 08, 2017

Since YouTube's launch in 2005, thousands of videos have become viral and discussed by millions worldwide.So, if you've got a few minutes to spare, have a look at our list of favorite viral videos of all time. From the hilarious to the extraordinary, you will enjoy them all.

Harlem Shake

The Harlem Shake is an Internet meme in which a group of people performs a comedy sketch performance followed by a short fragment from the song "Harlem Shake". As a meme, the video was repeated by many people, using the same style, which led to it becoming viral in early 2013 with thousands of "Harlem Shake" videos being made and uploaded to YouTube every day with a fast rapid rhythm.
Despite its name, the meme does not actually include participants performing the original Harlem Shake dance, a street and hip hop dance that started in 1980s Harlem, New York City.

Charlie Charlie are you here?

The "Charlie Charlie" game is a modern way of Spanish paper-and-pencil game. The game is played by teenagers using 2 pencils to produce answers to questions they ask. The two pencil game includes crossing two pens or pencils to create a grid (with sectors called "yes" and "no") and then asking questions of a "supernatural existence" named "Charlie". The upper pencil is expected to rotate to show the answer of the question. The game was popularized in 2015.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Unlike other challenges, the main purpose of this challenge was to educate people about ALS disease.The challenge is very simple.Just pour out a large bucket of ice and water on top of your head.Afterward you would nominate other persons by calling their name via video or social media to take this challenge.

Condom challenge

This challenge sounds funny from its name and it really is. A water-filled condom is dropped onto a person's head and wrapping the head of the person.

Mannequin challenge

Most of you have heard of this challenge.It consists of a group of people staying froze in place while a popular song, mostly "Black Beatles" plays in the background. This challenge was one of the most popular challenges on YouTube.

Try not to laugh challenge

This challenge is suitable for all ages.It is exactly what is sounds like.You should survive a list of funny youtube clips (mostly Vines) without laughing or smiling depending on your playstyle.You only need an internet connection for this game because it is entirely based on funny videos online.The more people play, the better game is.So what are you waiting for?Give it a try.

Eat it or wear it challenge

The rules are simple.You define numbers to the food items (pick whatever you want). Write down numbers on separate pieces of paper and put them in a box.Each person will pick a number from the box and then will decide whether to eat or wear the food they picked.The game will be a lot of fun if you try with your loved ones.

Cinnamon challenge

It sounds really weird and is one of the most hardest YouTube challenges of all time.The rules are simple, you have to put a spoon full of cinnamon in your mouth and try to keep it in as long as possible.Be careful! It may cause lung damage or even death.