These 5 food tech inventions will upgrade your life

These 5 food tech inventions will upgrade your life

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admin Dec 29, 2016

Technology has improved our life since the past decade, taking over lots of home-use appliances.Food has been involved in this technological takeover, with plenty inventions being created for both industry and home use.Some of these inventions are amazingly fun to upgrade your personal addiction of food at home.For shopping, cooking or home gardening these are some of the coolest inventions that aim to make your food experience better and easier.


farmbot - Ventrise

This amazing open source project is designed to do everything you need for your gardening.It can do multiple tasks like planting seeds, watering, or detects seeds as soon as they emerge, and buries them under the soil.With the soil sensor, Farmbot can show you how your garden changes over time, enabling smarter and more efficient farming.



Nima - Ventrise

It may seem little device, but it's really powerful.This device can test your food for gluten, anywhere, anytime in less than 3 minutes.It can also share results through Nima app if desired and see restaurant reports to help you find gluten-free places.You can open the Nima app on your iPhone and sync your results.You will immediately see the results in the app, and be able to add information about it.


3.Printing your food

Foodini - Ventrise

Have you ever imagined to print your food? Well, this possible in 2017.Users can prepare the fresh food with the help of a blender or food processor, and then load the blended ingredients into Foddini's food capsules.After that, the printer uses the capsules to print your food.What is more, you can choose recipes from Foodini's online database and input it to the device.


4.Robot made food

food - Ventrise

It seems like fast food industry is having a bad time since robots stroke food industry.Instead of paying a burger 15$ per hour, they may use robots.It can make 360 perfect burgers per hour.And burgers aren't the only robot-made food on the horizon.Popcake offers a robot skillet that ration and cooks perfectly golden pancakes at lightning speed.


5.Drone delivery food

Amazon lately declared it plans to liberate goods by drone in 2015. So far, details have been rare regarding the company’s next girdle R&D lab project, but its purpose is to get customers their indents in under 30 minutes. Past flying robots start stroking on your door, the main Federal Aviation Administration will need to mark off on Amazon’s flight plans. This may tardy its plans, in so far as the agency has been slow to consent internal drone use. City residents will most likely have access to the office first because drones will minister a 10-mile beam around distribution centers.