The best moments from 2016 fashion

The best moments from 2016 fashion

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admin Dec 25, 2016

Nude selfies that everyone loved

The most dominant outfit that made every boy dream was no clothes at all. Remember when Kim Kardashian posted a hotel bathroom nude selfie on Instagram? Everyone agreed that it was a egotistic form of self-expression together with the self-proclaimed feminism.To better doubt the impact this image had on our fashion psyche, have a look at this: shopping site Lyst reported more than a 400% rise in google searches for black bandeau bikinis that would recreate the effect of the black censorship bars. Yes, censor-bar chic is a thing. Whereas, at Paris fashion week, a few weeks later, Kendall wore a minimalist black bandeau top that echoed Kim’s look. With it, she wore a black ribbon choker, a trend that has been worn by every female celebrity under 25 this year and is now all over the high street.

Kim Kardashian on Instagram - Ventrise

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The most liked  photos  are better than the most beautiful

A year feels like infinity in social media. Definitely, 2016 was the year Instagram became an addictive sport. In the fashion world, “being the most followed ” at Instagram is now a thing. If you still think Instagram is for taking silly selfies then you need to start up your new game.To make a connection  Instagram feels now like  LinkedIn for the beautiful people. If you don’t believe me,  why not take a look at Selena Gomez, who has 104 million followers on Instagram and is running a super expensive Louis Vuitton campaign under her belt with the sign of a $13m (£10.2m) deal to be the face of Coach. That may seem a dream for everyone but it is not hard if you consider yourself famous.

Timelapse trends boomed the world

2016 was also the year of  Timelapse video trends of see now buy now, that made a big impression on Instagram users.For you that what does “see now buy now” means, its when amazing clothes arrive on the catwalk before they arrive in shops.Those catwalk collections are available in stores after the show, or they may take one more season to arrive.The negative side is that you can wear a trend during fashion week or rather wait 6 months for it.

Why everyone loved the millennial pink

Some prefer to add nicknames to those colors such as rose quartz.The pink color is rich in history from throwback of bubblegums to Barbie dolls or VC models. Without a doubt that specific shade of pink is not the one that’s resurfaced. Some makeup and fashion profession sites say It’s a non-color that doesn’t commit

By all means, follow this tip: like, enjoy whatever color like, revel in pink mustard or pink taupe or pink chartreuse if that’s what makes you happy. Dress like Barbie if you want. But ask yourself: Do I like this because I like this or because  the Pantone industrial complex is direct-marketing to my generation?