My  Stockholm experience with "Fika" Tradition

My Stockholm experience with "Fika" Tradition

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Annie Aug 24, 2017

In modern Stockholm , Fika is a deliciously act that people make when they drink coffee.

Fika is considered a time of relaxation and forgetting everything while enjoying a hot marshmallow chocolate.

You share Fika time with someone you love or a family member or friend.

Regarding the statistics , Stockholm consumes 18 pound per person/cup per capital.Nor the drink is important, but the way it is served plays a vital role in consumer satisfaction. You can add kanelbulle , chokladboll , semlor  to make it more flavors.

Fika is a time when worlds stop spining and you only have fantastic moments. The Sweden ranks on Top 10 Happiest Cities on World.

Stockholm is rich in uber-stylish coffee shops and restaurants.

What's magical about Fika is that you can have some " Fika Time" wherever you are , whenever you want. 

Anyway,foreigners and city visitors prefer to have Fika sit in a bar ,admiring the architecture and design and ordering some mouth-watering coffee and snacks.

To your best experience ,I suggest visiting the Pascal  coffee Shop in Stockholm.


This is the most stylish in the city.It has lots of green bars.Some clients share reviews such as : "“The drip coffee here was great and the baristas didn't judge us too much for going back up for a 2nd and 3rd cup.Lots of seating available inside, including a large comunal table.”

| Cappuccino, freshly pressed orange juice and some delicious kind of oats |

Another customer shares with us his experience.

"I think Pascal is an all around good cafe. I wouldn't say that they have a particular specialty but the coffee, interior, atmosphere, sweets and food are all really good. You could easily have a good fika time here. I very rarely eat anything when I visit a cafe, but I've previously tried the soups at Pascal and they also have gluten free bread to make sandwiches with."

It is a popular cafe though so it is crowded more or less all the time. You might have to compromise a bit and sit down at the corner of a table and the noise level inside might me a bit loud. This is sort of typical for good cafes in Stockholm. In the summer they also have outside seating along the walls of the cafe, because it is located on a calm street it could be a good option to try out."

"I got to Pascal at about 7:30 am and it was already bustling. There were people working on laptops as well as people meeting with friends and business partners. I ordered the croissant with prosciutto, egg, and chives as well as the green smoothie. It was around $10 USD which is reasonable by Stockholm's standards. The croissant was simple yet tasty but it didn't "wow" me. It did a surprisingly good job filling me up. The cold pressed juice I believe is made in-house. I got the green juice which has some vegetables, pineapple, and apple... I think. It was small and a little sweet for my taste when I'm getting green juice but I was still satisfied. 

I was pleased that the cafe had free Wifi and was in such a central location. The cafe itself is cozy and friendly. If I lived here in Stockholm and had the salary to afford it, I could see myself being a regular at this spot."

Hope you enjoyed my article .