Highly Used Legal Terminology for International Humanitarian Law Graduates

Highly Used Legal Terminology for International Humanitarian Law Graduates

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admin Apr 16, 2020

The International Humanitarian law system relies on armed conflicts and humanitarian action. This specific field of legal studies includes a mixture of other subjects such as International Public law,Government policies , Individual Criminal Responsibility , Minorities , Refugees and Women & Children Rights, Migrants . 

Reading case law , booklets, legal provisions and conventions , International Treaties and Reservations , every law student has once come to terms with the following legal vocabulary .

                        Why is important to study these legal terminologies?

  1. It will help every student understand better the meaning of a whole paragraph if he/she is accustomed to such words.
  2. They will rank better in written assignments if they provide these key words.
  3. Every legal graduate will find those words everywhere and thus study faster and easier.

  1. Substitute --> replacement/displacement
  2. Circumvented-->restrain/skip
  3. Inflict-->cause something to happen /induce
  4. Allegiance--> loyalty
  5. Coercion--> force
  6. Severance--> Separation
  7. Deter--> stop someone from doing something
  8. Compelling--> obligatory
  9. Retaliation-->revenge
  10. Disposal-->command
  11. Insurrectional--> rebellious/insurgent
  12. Interdiction--> stop
  13. Reprisal-->punishing measure
  14. Restitution-->return/recovery
  15. Allegiation--> declaration
  16. Restitution--> compensation
  17. Alteration--> difference
  18. Denote--> be a sign of
  19. Abolishion--> removal
  20. Interdiction-->stop/detention
  21. Grave situation--> a major danger
  22. Bequeath--> Legator
  23. Without prejudice to-->without affecting something
  24. Delinquent--> criminal
  25. Retroactive--> takes effect from a date in the past
  26. Confer--> grant a title,right,degree

                                    Explanation of  basic legal words

  1. Legally binding--> means that the Parties must contract the Duties as stated and must obey its Terms.
  2. Policy evaluation--> includes the methods and principles that examine the content .
  3. Subjugation--> the process of bringing someone/something under domination or control.
  4. Substantive--> having an independent existence.
  5. Abduction--> action of forcibly taking someone away against their will.
  6. Deliberate--> an action done intentionally and consciously
  7. Confrontation--> a hostile situation or meeting between the Opposing Parties.
  8. Instigate--> make someone do something bad by talking to them and getting into their mind.
  9. Construed--> interpret an act/word in a particular way
  10. Adjudicate--> when the judge makes a judgement based on arguments , evidence.
  11. Repression--> the action of enslaving or overpowering   someone/something by force .
  12. Protracted conflict-->Conflicts by criminal , violent groups in order to achieve basic needs ( may be security, recognition ,acceptance , economic or political accession.
  13. Extermination-->an intentional and massive homicide(murder) of an entire group of persons.
  14. Scrupulously--> very careful to do things correctly
  15. Indictment--> a formal change or accusation of a serious crime.
  16. Principle of complementarity-->  it is based on respect for the primary jurisdiction of States involved and also based on considerations in terms of efficiency.