Frank Ocean’s mum: ‘He’s so proud of what I’ve done’

Frank Ocean’s mum: ‘He’s so proud of what I’ve done’

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admin Dec 29, 2016

Katonya Breaux is the mom of Frank Ocean.Her profession was to work in a construction company to produce girly suncream that works for all skin colors.A few years ago, a question got into Twitter with the thesis whether the sunscreen leaves a white sheen on the skin.She denied it and since then the market started changing.Her conclusion was alarming: Many people did not read enough and were unaware of the dangers of mid-day exposure to the sun.Her residence is in Calabasas, California, and she keeps telling me about the product called: " UnSun" – It is the newest line of sunscreen that she has just launched. Despite the fact it is designed for darker skin, it also works on all complexions of female faces. 

My curiosity got deeper and I asked her about moving from construction.She worked for that company for more than 20 years.She also keeps a lovely dog.She has named her dogs Bisous, a bichon fries.The second is called Everest by Frank, a Bernese mountain dog who belongs to her son, Frank Ocean. Frank got into the top billboard of USA and UK music charts.

But back to the company Unsun, since Breaux was 20 she used to wore sunscreen because she noticed some undesirable moles appearing above her lip. When a few more started appearing, she went to the doctor, got scared, and read about the many reported problems of skin cancer rising in people of color, and became “more intelligent, by reading"

So, is her passion focused in the beauty industry? “I don’t think the sun is shining for me enough, but it is getting better day after day,” she says. “There is a long destination to go."
Breaux features conspicuously on the so-called Unsun website and, when was 50 years old, a beautiful advertisement of her own product was finally released to the public.I was curious and asked her if Frank could model for her and she laughed. Frank will never do that, she added.

So, does her son support her business? “Amazingly, yes, I send him the news and he’s so great, so proud,” she says.

What does she think of his passionate song album? Frank's brother is called Ryan and Breaux, his mom loves it.Obviously, they play it in the car every morning on the way to work and school. She says it's hard to pick a favorite song but what has stuck into her mind is NIKES
About the song called: " Be Yourself " she has a message for all: "Marijuana is not healthy, alcohol is worse, and do not drive with someone who is drunk. Mom loves you.Bye "Hey, It wasn't me Breaux adds, but as every mom, I would have sent my son a similar message.You know why Frank loves to torture us? Because he is an artist, it's his job and his favorite show.