Apple is willing to start manufacturing in India

Apple is willing to start manufacturing in India

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admin Feb 19, 2017


Lately, the Indian press has reported that Apple is willing to start manufacturing iPhone SE. SE is cheaper and a smaller version of its phone in India. We think it will be launched in April.You know many people attached to iPhone world but what I will emphasize most is Wistron .Wistron is a Taiwanese company that assembles iPhones for Apple.Its plans are big - to make about 400,000 units of the iPhone SE at a plant in Bengaluru. This time Apple is handling something new and they seem to like the Indian engineers a lot. For this huge investment, Apple has held 10 conferences around Europe about technology investment in India .Lately, it has made an arragement with the Indian government about assembling iPhones in India. To your amazement, India is the world’s largest smartphone market , but unfortunately , it currently has very little market share. To take into consideration the data from Counterpoint Research, Apple ranked 10th in India’s smartphone market and sold just 2.5 million iPhones in the country last year.

Actually, you may be asking why is India in the top list of apple. Well , India is a tax heaven for USA market, including low taxes and low wages.For this, Apple has been seeking tax concessions from India’s federal government to set up manufacturing in the country. Another famous magazine, Reuters reported that the manufacturing of the iPhone SE will be held in India.
Last month, the IT Minister of the Indian state of Karnataka issued a statement about Apple’s plans to make iPhones in the state, but deleted those tweets the next day, after Apple refused to confirm statement.


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Also rumors say that iPhone 8 is coming this year.It will have a lot of features from wireless charging to better design.
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